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Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement)

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Search here for information on the status of your New Jersey Senior Freeze (property tax reimbursement) check. If a reimbursement has been issued, the system will tell you the amount of the reimbursement and the date it was issued.

To use this service you will need the social security number that was listed first on your Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) application (Form PTR-1 or Form PTR-2) and the ZIP Code of your principal residence for the year of the application you filed.

If you have questions about the Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) Program and need to speak to a Division representative, call:

Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) Hotline: 1-800-882-6597

Please have a copy of your application available when you call.

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